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5th July 2005

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#1 12 years ago

This thread was created in response to the amount of bumping that I am seeing in this forum. Do not bump your clan thread. At all. Doing so will result in that thread being locked, and then no more discussion about your clan.

Having a post consisting of *bump* is essentially spam, and is not wanted. IF you can actually make a post that is informative and on-topic, then post it. DO NOT make a post consisting of *bump* or something like that.

Bumping also includes making a new thread regarding your clan when your original thread is still visible on that page. Making a new thread will result in both threads being mreged, and then locked.

If youe clan recruitmeny post has been locked and you wish it to be unlocked, do not make a seperate thread about your clan as it will be deleted if the original thread is on the same page. You can, however, send me a PM (personal message) requesting your clan thread to be unlocked. I will then, and only then, unlock your thread. But any further bumping and it gets locked again.

I'm sorry that I have to be so strict, but I'm tired of it.