Can anyone make me a Clan Server -1 reply

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26th November 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Hello i am Nexius and i was wondering if anyone could make a server for my clan i would like the Name of the server to be[COLOR=red] =<{S[/COLOR][COLOR=black]o[/COLOR][COLOR=red]V} >= [/COLOR][COLOR=black]Server and the website url is here [/COLOR] (No spaces in clantag give me the IP after it is made)


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11th November 2006

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#2 14 years ago

err... dude, you should just rent 1 from escapedturkey or others, coz having a home-hosted server is... how can i say that, AWFUL TO PLAY ON. coz theres so much lag, its unstable, etc


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#3 14 years ago

Nexius, when will you learn? If you were asking for a non-home server, it costs $30 a month. When you make a clan, make sure: you have money, have a server and have everything organized. I just hate it when people ask and ask for peoples money. Learn to rent and pay for one yourself. Stop being a noob. I hope you aren't the leader of that clan, or asking this question would have made you #2635263 biggest ever noob. The other 2635262 are just a little bit more of a noob then you. To make sure that you are thinking that you just got owned by me, go to this site:



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28th June 2006

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#4 14 years ago

Why you think someone will host you a server? or pay for one? for a clan you need to have: 1 website 2 server 3 co-leader (to help you) & many other but you must have a server !!!