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14th August 2005

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Well, a few posts below I posted about Clan SITH, which recently became Clan Spartan (before the release of 300, for those who wonder). There really isn't much to explain. The clan ideal is quite simple. We strive to represent something greater than simply winning TFFA battles because we've been there and we've done that. In preparing the clan for the change, I decided to step it up a notch, and have the members respect certain values that were essentially those of the Spartan people. In addition, I wasn't going to make a Spartan "citizen" clan because that would fail morbidly. Ironically enough, 300 showed up and boosted the interest of everyone. It's orgasmic sense of passion for battle also juiced more morale in everyone, so we decided to switch to Spartan. Unto the actual clan; The clan itself is quite simple. The main thing is to keep skill and sportsmanship to a maximum. Our current members are quite experienced and are in the process of learning more from our elite, in order to attain a clan equal in strength. We are looking for serious, mature players looking for a clan that represents honor, sportsmanship and skill. We do not welcome immature people who let their ego transcend their stupidity. We are proud and sometimes arrogant, but that comes with the role of Spartan. We know our strengths and are in the process of learning our weaknesses. We currently have a server, situated @ Our forums can be found @ The clan is large of about 20 members, around 15 quite active. This is significant because the clan is quite new (refounded in February). Although the clan descends from my old clan Yakuza and |SSO| which were considered legendary in some leagues, we decided not to invest any time in any for the moment. It goes without saying that we are still active in the scope of TFFA matches, that's for sure. We're always up for a scrim, so feel free to come by the server some time.

For the moment, ranks are separated into 3 categories; The Spartans, The Captains, The King. There are only 4 Captains (each in charge of a unit) and only one King at a time. All 5 form the Spartan War Council. We will endeavor to bring about clan ranks as soon as possible for your ranking pleasure. We also strongly encourage the practice of FFA in our server, which is why a permanent FFA is always going on in the server. However, respect towards other players is required. We do not take kindly to those who go about boasting for no reason, or lashing at the clan or what it represents. If players expect respect from us, then they should try and earn it. Questions, concerns or ideas are always welcome in this topic or in our forums. My X-Fire is tehgobeh if you would like to directly speak with me. We are recruiting, but only those who decide to invest time, effort and maturity in the clan. We will work our best in order to set the bar half as high as what the Spartans did. They were recognized to be the best soldiers of the world, and as such, they had a reputation to uphold. We do too. "This is where we fight; this is where they die." ~King Lucian