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1st July 2006

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#1 14 years ago

This is a server for new clans without servers and for other clans or teams just to hang out here. Hosted by the Tuskin Team aka SW Duel Team

Admin? Clan Leaders will receive admin passes if they do one of the following 1.Donate to the server(rcon) 2.Active and friendly on site or server(council) 3.Or if they simply know IronMan(kakashi,UltraNoob),Lord Grom, or Eye(Animal,Naruto) 4.Apply for admin by pming Iron or Eye you will start off with admin level 1

Server Settings Sp Dmgs(can be changed if enough ppl ask for it) Flipkick off(can be asked to be put on) Melee off(can be asked to be put on) Force:Jump,saber defense,saber attack

other question bout server ask here.

Server Rules Recruting Allowed No Laming All clan drama left at their server/site(try to make this paradise) Friday-Sunday(JAL Event takes place till it ends)see this topic to learn more:

Here's The site: Server Ip:

Note:This is a community server all suggetions/ideas will be read and taken into thought