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6th November 2006

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#1 13 years ago

Hello I am known as Six! on CNA lugormod, and are one of their builders. We are called Clix! and Apex!'s, or better known as CNA. WE ARE NOT A CLAN but more of a hangout, goof off type of server, we just made it to hang out and have fun.

We currently have two builders Clix! and my self. We welcome lamers and FFA'ers alike, and have a special Mosh pit for it. And plenty of other things to do, like the cantina and much more. But right now the server is not online because Clix, is working on something special, and does not have much time so when he finishes his project expect to see us up more. We do have forums that are kind of dead, so we need you to come on and introduce your self and stay tuned for updates. So if your looking for a place to kill noobs or lame the heck out of, this is your place. Clix 'N' Apex's Lugormod