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#1 14 years ago

Following the establishment of the New Republic on Coruscant, the new government sought a way to bring peace and secure it for their citizens. It was thus that they turned to the remaining jedi to aid them in this. The first to accept the task was of course Luke Skywalker, who created the new jedi order, where he trained jedi for years. It has been two millennia since then and the jedi have become seperated, spiteful, and quarrlesome. It was thus that the Force commanded three vagabond jedi masters to join together in order to combat the evils which grew in the galaxy. These three masters quickly became the closest of friends and the bravest and most cunning warriors. One of the masters had an apprentice, who had been under the master's tutelage for many years, and it was decided that he should join the ranks of the masters on this new council. The Order was founded in Sendaria, a more or less secluded area of Coruscant with a small city of sorts, where the jedi temple lies on its outskirts. It is here that the Dark Angel Jedi Order's story shall begin, from here it shall grow and prosper, from here it shall teach students of the Force and its teachings, from here shall the promise of the future be born...

Our website can be found at www.freewebs.com/dajc where you can find our awesome forum as well as an application and server information!

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dont tell me they had recruitment over the web in the temple I knew it!!