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24th October 2010

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#1 10 years ago

Hey everyone this is polter, the master of <{ DJE }> and the mapper of this exclusive map for just the clan! Thats right that means you must join to play this map!

Here is the link to the site:

Dark Jedi Empire :: Index

Here is the register form. For the referred to part say polter:

Username: (This will be your name on servers) 'Required"

Who send you to this Site: 'Required'


How did you find us? "Required"

Xfire username "Required"

Personal skin or Favorit model: "Link Please"

Have you been in any other clans before If So name them: "required"

Give a quick/Brief description about yourself: "Required"

Male or Female: "Required"

Saber Style: Single, Duals or Staff "Required"

What do you hope to Gain while being here? "required"

Here is the <{ DJE }>Hangout Beta video!

YouTube - Dark Jedi Empire Home