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14th June 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Hi, I'm -=DARKLORD=-FRITZ, and I am writing this to invite any to join a new clan. -=DARK LORDS OF THE SITH=-, or -=DLS=-, is a brand new clan, formed only about a week ago. Now I do warn, that our clan is low on membership, but that's more the reason because we just started. Since we just got started, I'll tell you a little bit about the clan. Beings that it is called -=Dark Lords of The Sith=-, it's preferred that you are Dark Side...But, I'm willing to stretch that if you really want in. As for our server...That's a work in progress. I'm having a little bit of trouble, so if it is possible at all...If any of you know anything about running a server, please contact me at [email="DarkLordFritz@gmail.com"]DarkLordFritz@gmail.com[/email] Information of me, the leader: I started playing the Jedi Knight series 6 years ago starting with Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. There I was in The Saber Clan, but that was only a short time. I then helped a group of friends create a clan called Dark Blade, (I was known as DBlade_Eagle and DBlade_Fritz). Clan Diplomacy: Nodda. I haven't worked out anything with any clans...Nor have I really tried. But I would really like some allies at this stage of the game. We're new and small, and wouldn't mind being associated with some other clans that can help us expand. So if you're interested in any way (That is membership, clan diplomacy, or just any questions in general), e-mail me [email="DarkLordFritz@gmail.com"]DarkLordFritz@gmail.com[/email] or at [email="DarkLordFritz@hotmail.com"]DarkLordFritz@hotmail.com[/email] Our temporary clan website is at www.freewebs.com/jadlsclan and our blog will soon be constructed at www.xanga.com/dlsclan where clan members will be able to post, and comment on anything clan related.