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Hello. I am Mara E'Ton, Chief Engineer for the Dark Skyes Jedi Academy Clan. We're looking for members to join! Below, find all of the information that you will need in order to find us. Clan Name: Dark Skyes Jedi Academy Clan Tag: [DSA] or {DSA} - the inclusion of the "J" for Jedi is entirely optional Clan Website: http://www.dsjacademy.com Clan Forums: http://www.dsjacademy.com/comlink Clan Server: (a second server is also sometimes available) Clan Server Mod: Lugormod Clan Server Slots: 16 Server Rules: No laming, no foul language, no Admin Abuse, & have Fun! Clan Member Count: currently we have 9 members Clan Type: Light Side or Jedi (although there is always the possibility that one may Fall from the Light) Clan Ranks: lowest Rank is 'Youngling' and highest is 'Grand Jedi Elder' - ranks are awarded based on Activity level and the completion of tasks as outlined by the Administrators - our ranking system is based on the ranks as outlined in the Star Wars universe for Jedi both in the computer games and in the tabletop RPG Allies: currently we are allied with two other Clans and are looking for more Clan History: Dark Skyes began as an RPG campaign in 2001. Several members of the original campaign sought out some online gaming Clans to broaden their knowledge and meet with others that enjoyed the Star Wars universe. After several bad experiences with some of the other online Clans, they came to the conclusion that if they wanted to find a Clan to suit their taste, they'd have to build it themselves. Thus, Dark Skyes Jedi Academy Clan was born. At Dark Skyes Jedi Academy, we believe in the value of Fair Play and a set of Rules that applies to everyone, including the Administrators. We value friendship and honor and the Jedi Code and, most of all, FUN! If this sounds like something that interests you, then please come and check us out. We look forward to meeting you. :)