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#1 14 years ago

I'm the leader of the clan The Jawa Ionizers. I have big plans for the clan, perhaps too big. Tell me your opinions, or give me tips on running a clan. Here is the description of the clan taken from a previous post.

We're a clan of jawas that believes in respecting all our members and treating them as equals (although how well we treat them is questionable :p ).We currently have a custom map being made, and it's looking pretty good. We'll also have additional mods, such as a Jawa Ionizer pistol, and CUSTOM MODELS. And, of course, we're jawas. We have these things, called societies. We do have a pretty good base of members for how new we are. Around 30 I'd say. We have about 5 leaders. We are currently in search of new tech guy, to replace our old one. He has to run a good, stable server, and he must know how to run it well! We are also getting a website, which shouldn't be too far off, so I'll probably edit this post to have the site/forums link on it. Watch this post! Well, what else could I say.. Ah, we have these things, called Societies. They're kind of, clans inside the clan. Currently there are 4 societies, and one more coming. Each leader in the clan has their own society. I have Night Mouse, which focuses on stealth and stuff. Koji has Stone Dogs, which focuses on strength and saber evasion. There are more, but you'll just have to ask me. ^^

Thank ya, Kenta:eek:

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