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18th December 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Your Name: [COLOR=Lime]DoBender[/COLOR][COLOR=Cyan]|[/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]Ab[/COLOR][COLOR=Cyan]![/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]zaga[/COLOR][COLOR=Cyan]|[/COLOR][COLOR=Lime]B[/COLOR]

Your Clan's Name: Disciples of Bender

Your Website/Forums:

Your Server: Bought a server. is the IP.

Your Member Count: 13 members

Your Clan Type: Neither Jedi Nor sith.

Your Clan's History: We were made 2 years ago for DoD: Source but the place we played it at died and we lived off the forum. Now I made it for JA. :D

Your Rank System: lol futurama quiz question based rank ststem. Too lazy to type out the ranks.

Your Allies and Enemies: None of either.

also, we need a mapper. please help us make a clan map :( (sorry for double posting)