{DSH} (JA clan) is looking for a mapper -1 reply

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29th July 2004

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#1 16 years ago

we are a jedi academy clan, and this so far is unoffical as of yet, however, we are looking for a person in our clan who has skills at mapping, the more experience, the better. if you wish to show me your work, then please tell me the map name and where i can get it, however, proof that you made the map is required, however, if you do not have a released map, do not worry. if you wish to try out for this request, then please email me and i will request you join me on our server. if i am satisfied with your skills as a map maker, a clan member and a skilled saber user, then you will be welcmed into the clan as a master, with admin rights on our server, anybody wishing to fill this request please email me, it is an american hotmail account that ends in com, and the beginning is cheese_overlord_69 and do not worry about anything complicated, anything i ask will be easy, and i will make any textures that the clan want to use in this map, skinners and modellers are NOT required, we already have one of them, any reply will greatly, greatly, greatly appreciated, thank you for your time. please do not post back to this as i may not view it again, pleae use the email adress provided, thank you

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#2 16 years ago