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15th September 2002

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#1 13 years ago

Hello all! I am Borgking of the Roleplaying group ERP, or Elite Roleplaying.

Do you enjoy playing Jedi Academy, but are tired of only fighting? Would you like to roleplay in the Star Wars Universe as a Jedi, a Sith, a Mercenary, or whatever else you can think of? Well, then perhaps ERP is right for you.

I have been a member of Elite Roleplaying since it's founding in 2003, and I have now risen up to become one of it's Administrators. Since then, it has grown to include three Divisions spanning two games: A Star Wars Division in JKA, a Stargate Division in JKA also, and a Star Trek Division in Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. In our prime, we had dozens of members, and our servers were constantly filled. You couldn't go a day without missing half a dozen RPs.

While our numbers have dwindled, our wish to continue RPing hasn't. We have an enticing storyline set in the KoTOR period of Star Wars, which has been built and developed upon for almost 2 years. Opportunities for advancement are everywhere, as many of our higher-ranking members are unable to be as active as they once were.

Our Server is passworded, but not by choice. It is hosted by a company and they require us to have it passworded, otherwise we have to pay a boatload of money :uhm: But nonetheless, it's located at or erp.creatureweb.com:29070. You can get the password as soon as you join and start RPing immediately.

I've talked for long enough, I think. Do you want to learn more? Check our our forums: Elite Roleplaying Forums - Powered by vBulletin, and apply today!