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25th August 2007

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#1 12 years ago

Good Evening to all you Jedi Academy players. Many years ago I once played JKA, I got involved with a clan and then moved on and started to roleplay, At first I didnt think it would be "Cool" or "Fun" but I was proven wrong... It was my first Roleplay experience and by far the best. I then decided to leave JKA but a few years later I have re-joined and am on a project to bring a decent roleplay server to the JKA community. Myself and a Friend met on a Grand Theft auto roleplay server, and decided to embark on a JKA rp server.

Server Stats: Server Name: [FG] Forgotten Galaxies - RP IP: Host: MammothGames.com Slots: 20 slot server (we will raise the slots when more join) Website:
Server Factions: Sith Trade Federation Jedi Galatic Republic Galatic Senate Bounty Hunters And many more which can be created by players.

We also have a "Forgotten Galaxies Pack" In this pack is the maps and skins we use as a community to play the server, That way if every has this pack then we dont have to see a dozen "Kyles" running around :p We are currently useing the JA+ mod and have no plans to change mods as of yet. If you are intrested at all but have more questions then do feel free to PM me here or ask on our forum which was linked above : www.forgottengalaxies.com Thank you for your time, Regards