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Hi Greetings from >{JFE}{JFE}< Is Currently Recruiting What can I say, We are a clan of varied ages, so there will be someone for everyone to become friends with. We have some of the best veterans in the community, who have also been in other communities The Ranking System :- if your good u will get promoted like every week That is if your Good ? every1 starts off at P = Padawan Then Through to Council Finally, and foremost, we are an enjoyable bunch. Sure we have our drama like every other clan out there, but hey, what would JKA be without a little from time to time :) Our site http://www.force-masters.com/ Our Forums Jedi Force Elite :: Index and now our Server ip --------------> <------------ ITs a 24/7 server Good luck with Joining and i hope i see u on the server May the force, be with you always ____________________________ thanks -Sephiroth