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There are a lot of clans out there, so getting members will be more than just a simple task. If you want the best chance of getting recruits for your clan, follow some simple guidelines on how to format a clan recruiting post. [color=seagreen]Here's (at least) what you should have in your post:[/color] Your Name: Don't forget to tell people who you are. Including your status within the clan also may be a plus, especially if you are in a position of command. Your Clan's Name: When I said name, I don't mean your clan's acronym. Sure, post it, but people tend to get irritated when they don't know what it stands for, so make sure to tell what your acronym stands for. Your Website/Forums: If you have a website or forums, post a link to it! It's the best way for recruits to get information on your clan. Your Server: Got a server? Post the IP. Recruits may want to check out your server to meet some of your members. Servers are also a great way to attract recruits -- most people don't want to join a clan where they have to go searching for a place to play! [color=seagreen]Some other optional information:[/color] Your Member Count: Have a lot of members? Sometimes that's a draw, as it indicates a strong stable clan. However sometimes large numbers will scare people away, so whether you want to include it is up to you. Your Clan Type: Are you light side? Dark side? Have strong regulations, or maybe it's more of an every-member-for-themself setup? Give information as to how your clan is set up. Recruits may be looking for a very specific kind of clan to join, and if you tell what your clan's all about they won't have to ask or root around your website. Your Clan's History: A lot of people will want to know how long your clan's been around and what it's been through to decide how stable it is and whether they want to join it. If you have a bad history you may want to leave this out, but if you have a good history then posting it can only help you. Your Rank System: Some clans have them and some don't. If you do, you may want to tell about them a little. Your Allies/Enemies: Personally I don't get the whole ally/enemy thing, but other people seem to think it's a big deal... so post it if you feel inclined. [color=seagreen]Tips on making a good post:[/color] Use Good Grammar: Nobody wants to join a clan where the leader seems incompetent. The better you express yourself the better people will view your clan. Give a reason why people should join!: Why should people think about joining your clan? If you can't think of a reason, they probably won't be able to either. Make it enticing for them -- don't be boring! Be Detailed: The more information you give, the more your recruits will have to work with. [color=seagreen]Examples of good and bad clan recruitment posts:[/color] I'm making these up, so if these clans really exist I'm not picking on anyone winkx.gif [color=red]BAD[/color]:

join r clan jjc join 2 day!

See how this doesn't give any information? No website URL, no introduction, and barely a clan name. It's even hard to read because of shorthand and lack of punctuation. I wouldn't join this clan... would you? [color=blue]GOOD[/color]:

Hello! I am [name here], leader of JoJ, Jedi of Justice. We're looking for members for our clan! We have about 10 members and are a light-side clan. Visit our website at or visit us on our server at

That would be a bare minimum for a good post. The website URL is given as well as a server IP, though it is lacking in some of the other areas. Remember, the more information you give the more information your recruits will have. If you have questions or additions, feel free to PM me and I will update this thread accordingly.