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27th September 2006

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#1 11 years ago

This clan was actually around as a normal JA+ clan last year it was a fun clan and was well run but like most clans sadly came to an end. But now its back and better than ever.

The clan supports both Moive Battles 2 and JA+ the vast majoriy of a Moive Battles clans called AoD have already joined it so if your looking for a Moive Battles 2 clans or old AoD members come visit us. We have alot of Moive Battles members but not as many JA+ members. We have a JA+ Server based in the UK and are getting a Moive Battles 2 server which will be based in the US.

This clan is just going to be a fun clan and the JA+ haf will just have fun doing clan matches,training,master and paddie system and overall trying to improve your skill and hopefully we will get a base server and get even better but in the meantime we train on a JA+ server with has SP damages and no force.

So if your looking for a good clan to join Visit us at www.JB-clan.com

JA+ Server:

Movie Battles Server: «Coming Soon»