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#1 8 years ago

Hello there jedi academy players, let me introduce myself.I am Necez,current nick in game Uchiha Madara.I play JKO 5 years and now JKA 2 years, so I am skilled with single, and I also use staff sometimes.My friend and I created new fan clan called Akatsuki (from anime naruto ^^) with 4 members so far.I understand the fact that with great power comes the great responsibility (old spiderman xD), so even though I'm the leader I act as equal to the other members.The point of our clan is to have friends and good duel partners, we play as one and kill each other only in duels.There are no ranks in the clan...everyone is the same.We accept any players (skilled or not, single or dual/staff etc), but more skilled players should at least train weaker ones if they want.We wish to become a friendly clan with great clan members.So if you want to join you can request here on our site: (read the rules and be active ^^) or if you have any questions, you can contact me here: msn: [email][/email] xfire: necez