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[COLOR=red]As you touch the holocron it springs to life... [/COLOR] [COLOR=red]A deep voice booms and projections of an ancient temple emerge.[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]"The Force is strong with you...the life of a Force-sensitve is your destiny. Experience in full the lifestyle and training of a Jedi. Then ::JEDI:: of Lehon is for you. An ever growing community of light; extending into 2012 and beyond: The ::JEDI:: Holonet – Temple[/COLOR] [COLOR=red](("These Force-Sensitive beings are a strict role-playing community based on the planet of Lehon. They are a Jedi-only Force clan with several Role Playing features. Seek out the ::JEDI:: of Lehon."))[/COLOR] The holocron shimmers with the following images...


shot0017.jpg shot0013.jpg shot0014.jpg