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20th July 2006

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#1 11 years ago

Greetings I am Master Asriel Makasi, GrandMaster of Jensaarai jedi alliance. I founder of the order and leader of the council. our Clan's Name: |JJA| Jensaarai Jedi alliance

our Website/Forums: We have a website which provides much information about our order and our ways. www.freewebs.com/jjaorder from there you can reach the forums by clicking on the holonet option.

our Server: One of our padawans is currently trying to set up a 24/7 server which will be up soon. For now we are using our trial server which is up every day but unfortunately it doesnt run all day and night. server ip is

our Member Count: We have about 20 members now, there not all listed on our website. Unfortunately, when we lost our server some weeks back alot of our members became inactive. we still have some very active members though and were obviously working on recruitment now.

our Clan Type: We are strictly a jedi RP clan and would only like people that are going to attempt to RP. In our order, the masters teach many things, such as the book of force and other jedi knowledge, saber combat and lightsaber forms and finally, the mentality of a jedi knight (upholding the jedi code and whatnot). We do enjoy teaching and helping people and we teach our students so that they might one day do the same :D Our teachings have also been proven to be effective and enjoyable, as they greatly resemble the teachings of the jedi order fromt he films In the past, people have disliked us because we try to uphold our rules and keep the RP alive. If this doesnt sound like its for you, i suggest you dont join.

our Clan's History: It can be found on the website. Front page :)

our Rank System: Our ranking system has recently changed. These are the ranks: Youngling (initiation process), Padawan, Jedi knight, Jedi master, Master of the council. We have had some people ask us "well isnt it a bit easy to gain a higher rank now?" my answer to that is, no it isnt. If anything, its more difficult now and more is required for ascension to jedi knight then before.

our Allies and Enemies: Hidden leaf village. We are friendly other clans aswell but there is no official alliance with any other clan except HLV.

If you wish to join, you must create a thread in the joining sector of our forums. When a master of the council replies and admits you into the order, you are officially a member. There is no longer a trial to enter this order.

We greatly look forward to seeing new recruits on our server and forums :D


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14th August 2005

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#2 11 years ago

If I may inquire... Jensaarai and Jedi aren't the same thing -- At all. It would be like pretending that Midways and Jedi are the same thing.