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Warning this is a large letter.. xD Greetings ,

I am Shree Koon Clan Leader Of JoF

Full clan name: {JoF} Jedi's of Freedom.

Site : Jofclan , JoF Public | , JoF A Jedi Knight Acadamy Clan , {JoF}Golden Wing |

Public server ip ( Map GCX ) : Have 3 more servers that are up sometimes theyre PC though.

We are 49 jedi members and we are looking for more.

We are an Jedi HALF roleplay clan. It includes trainings with the 7 forms of lightsaber and the knowledge of a true jedi. ( RP )..

JoF is builded on training , roleplaying with your character and behaving as a real jedi. You get missions witch we take very seriously and its controlled by a Council, A Jedi High Council. Those members are :

1: Shree Koon 2: Aldro Koon 3: Yukki 4: Shen 5: Penguin 6: Force 7: Melena

Now some knowledge we teach in JoF

The Jedi Code

There is no emotion , there is peace....

There is no ignorance , there is knowledge....

There is no passion , there is serenity....

There is no chaos , there is harmony....

There is no death , there is force....

The Jedi Law

Anger is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger , anger leads to hate , hate leads to suffering and thats the way to the dark side of the force.

We focus on diffrent paths when you reach a special rank you will have to make a choice.. a hard choice witch includes if you want to be a Jedi Guardian , Sentinel Or Weaver here are information about them:


Guardian: They are jedis who use more saber than force and go for missions and looking for objectives such as maby siths and so on. They have a big part they found information about our opponents.

Sentinel: They stay in the council ( server ) and protect it from all others they use the force more than weapon and call for help if its needed they watch our home.

Weaver: They use their mind and knowledge to help others and often stay in the temple taking classes and increasing there knowledge. They both use force and saber for others protection and uses them very wisley.


JoF was made the first november 2006 we are always looking forward for fun events and new members so feel free to join. At fridays we mostly do special events for 1-2 hours. We also have some RP stuff during summer like Rp missions to other planets ( maps ) , and some flying for our special team golden wing.


You must be a jedi. Spend your time and be willing to play. Follow the jedi code. No laming. Behaviour is the most important!


Be patient.

Ranking System:

() = Tags , * = Special Ranks

Hopefull : These Are Not In JoF But Theyre Awaiting To Join On A Trial Period Of Max 2 Weeks. ( H or Hopefull )

Youngling : Gets Teached From All JMs And Higher Needs To Improve Their Fighting Skills. ( Y or Youngling )

Padawans : Gets A Master And Starts To Improve Their Force Skills. ( P or Padawan )

Jedis : Still Has The Master And Improves In Both Saber And Force. ( J or Jedi )

Jedi Knight : Still Has The Master And Trains In Knowledge For The Final Test. ( JK or Jedi Knight )

Jedi Gaurdian / Sentinel / Weaver: Ur On Your Own U Have To Survive Without A Master. How Ever You Will Often Get Partners On Missions Sometimes. Skills Has To Be High For To Pass This Rank If You Choose Gaurdian You Must Be A Great Saberist , If Sentinel Great Forcer Or Weaver A Great Jedi With Knowledge As High As Our Old Jedi Master Yoda. ( JG / JS / JW or Jedi Gaurdian / Jedi Sentinel / Jedi Weaver )

*Jedi Instructor : These Is An Special Rank That Only Some Members That The Council Feel Dont Belong And Dont Even Want For Them Selfs To Teach Out Gets Here They Use Their Saber Skills To Help JoF , It Must Be Very Hard Training In This Rank.

Jedi Master : Gets A Padawan(S) And Instructer Password. ( JM or Jedi Master )

Grand Master : Has The Padawan(S) Knight Pass , This Rank Is Gained If The Council Elects You As One Of The Grand Masters Instead Of Councilers And Has Knight Pasword. ( GM or Grand Master )

Counciler : Has A Padawan(S) And A Council Seat With Knight Password. ( C or Counciler )

*Council Leader : Has A Padawan(S) One Special Man Can Call A Council Meeting Whenever He Wants Knight Password.( C© or Counciler© )

*Leader : Fixes Everything. Council Pass. Has No Padawan Trains Everyone In Force And Saber. ( L or Clan Leader )

[SIZE=8]Short Facts :[/SIZE]

JoF%20Ranks.JPGOBS: Leaders Decide The Amount Of Padawans!

Ranks In Game Use : {JoF}Name{Rank} Or {JoF}Rank Name

The trials for going up an rank up is when you think you are ready you will tell your master to trial you and he asks the council if the permission is done the trials will be made. The trials are extremly hard so it requires extremly training before trying.

[COLOR=crimson]These Are Our Current Alliances :[/COLOR]

Jedi Order , Sith Order / JO|SO {V}Venerate Daj Dark Angels Jedi Order

[COLOR=seagreen]Peace / Friends :[/COLOR]

The Senate

The Empire

Thank you for reading this we also LOVE making movies we already made 2 movies and soon another thats ready first movie is about the real history of how JoF was made its true based on RP ofcourse.

Link for part 1 = JoFStory Of SA Koon Part 1 - Putfile.com part 2 = JoFStory Of SA Koon Part 2 - Putfile.com Time = 40 Mins Then we made a movie called The One thats 20 mins runtime heres the link this one is also rp but a bit more well komedy XD its based on a real clan which we had confrontations with! yet again modified :) enjoy! = JoFThe One - Putfile.com also have one more thats 20 mins but its not enterly done yet :).

May the force be with you all.. Long Live {JoF}. :beer: ~Shree Koon.


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#2 10 years ago

OH and one more thing that i decided to post you can watch alot of our mini clips at youtube and at : JoF Public | then go to videos :). Theyre not movies just fun clips! We were made 1st november 2006 were heading for our 2nd year :). We have been around 100 members but kicked alot due to inactivity, we try to keep all our members active! Peace :)



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