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20th June 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Greetings my name is Taz,Sith Lord and Leader of the JSA JA Division. JSA is looking for some great people to join the clan and to extend the JA Division. we have been around for about 3 1/2 years now,mostly in JK2,about a year in JA this clan isnt about skills,if it was we wouldnt be around that long,we dont care how good you are,we only care about your attitude..have a good attitude you can join things we dont allow in JSA Laming Cussing Disrespecting other people Double Clanning we have a kick ass Assassination system and an InterClan Assassination System, our Assassination system is based on trying to assassinate the leaders of JSA, the ICAS is an Assassination system when you go to our allies Servers and Assassinate the leaders from THAT CLAN.. sounds fun? you bet it is feel free to stop by our website www.jsa-clan.net our server. have any questions or comments,feel free to contact me MSN:StarWarsfan_2004@hotmail.com or Xfire jsasirkillalot JSA isnt just a clan..ITS A FAMILY [-JSA-]Taz{*} Leader of the JSA JA Division