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19th June 2005

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#1 15 years ago

greetings people looking for that one clan that you cant seem to find...looking for a clan that will help you with anything you need help on? looking for that clan that doesnt involve skills? well JSA is the right place for you JSA has been around for about 4 years in JK2,and we are trying to get things going in JA,seeing how nobody is interested in playing JA..mabey like a few people we would like to see some new faces in the server, things we do not want in JSA laming cussing disrespecting of other people double clanning We dont care about skills,we dont care about how good you are,the only thing we care about is how good of an attitude you have,if we cared about skills,we wouldnt be around this long,so please come check out the clan forums also...we have a kick ass Assassin for Hire System and an Inter Clan Assassination System in the AfH:the leaders hire you to go after the leaders in JSA,details are in the forums in the ICAS:you get the chance to go after the leaders from our allies... this is a good way to get to know each other from the clan,and to get to know each other from our allies very fun thing to do also in order to get into the clan,you must be on probation [PCM] for 30 days,which is a month,after you have gone through probation,meaning you follow the rules,get to know people,be friendly toward others,you will get the chance to trial to get into JSA,which is [JSA]..in trials we dont care about how good you are,if you lose you lose,you still get to go up rank,but the thing is the higher you go up in rank,the harder it will get,so have fun and train hard if you like to stop by our servers for trials,id be more the happy to let you in,trials are at 3est forums www.jsa-clan.net/forums main site www.jsa-clan.net server: if you have any questions feel free to contact me [EMAIL="StarWarsfan_2004@hotmail.com"]StarWarsfan_2004@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] JSA isnt just a clan...ITS A FAMILY thank you and i hope to see you all in the server [-JSA-]Taz{*} Leader of the JSA JA Division


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1st July 2005

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#2 15 years ago

JSA pwns. I can't really say this without being biased, (because I've joined and play on the server) but JSA is an awsome place to hang out, duel, shoot people (=O), and have fun :)