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20th June 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Greetings Fellow gamers are u somebody who is in the JA community clanless and want to find that perfect clan? a clan that isnt based on skills? than JSA is the place for you heres a little something about JSA JSA has been around for 4 years in the JK2 community,we are a friendly clan..we have been around the JA community for about a year and a half and would like to get some help going with the new year,get more people in,have some more clan matches get to know other clans just like us here are some of the things we dont allow No Laming No Cussing No double clanning No Disrespecting others JSA isnt just a clan,its a big family...JSA has about 100+ members on our roster and we like to make it grow..we are very respected in JK2 and we are on our way to being a great clan in JKA..but we need other peoples help the only way to get into JSA is go to our forums and post in our join section,be active on the JA sever for a while...get to know others follow the rules,work well with others...once we know you are ready you will be given the rank of |PCM|.which means probationary clan member...you will be on probation for a month..30 days than u will be able to trial to get into JSA...trialing to get into JSA is no problem..JSA isnt based on skill and wont put anybody down who isnt a good dueler...we have a master apprentice system meaning that we have masters who are very loyal and can take on anybody who has problems with dueling or need to understand the rules better... we have alot to offer,we have kick ass awards for u to go for Duelmaster awards,blademaster awards..Sith Honor awards..eye of the sith...Assassin for Hire award... JSA has ALOT of things to do and alot of challanging things to go for... we have a system called AfH..Assassin for Hire..meaning you are hired by one of the leaders in JSA to go after other leaders of JSA...its very fun we have a similiar system but very differnt..ICAS..Inter clan Assassination system..meaning you can go on your own and assassinate other leaders from our allies if you have any questions or want to know how everything is runned..than go to our forums www.jsa-clan.net www.jsa-clan.net/forums if you want to contact me feel free to do so hell if you want to get to know JSA better and want to challange us feel,free we are looking for clans to have matches with..nothing like a friendly challange from friendly clans MSN:StarWarsfan_2004@hotmail.com Xfire:jsasirkillalot im looking forward in working with everybody [-JSA-]Taz{*} JSA Sith Lord,Sith Elite,Leader of the JSA JA Division..and the King of Jawas Ewoks and Wookiees..OH MY