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Name: Jango, i am one of the two founders of the clan and the leader of the jedi side Clan's Name: (KFH)Killers for Hire. We are a band of saber using sith and jedi who are similar to bounty hunters or outcasts. Website: Server: We will be having a server up soon however at the moment we have a non permanent on. meaning that it is only on for about 3 hours a day when i turnit on. for some reason it turns off, i will have one up some time this week. when it is up it will be called {KFH} Recruitment server Your Member Count: 5 but we just started last week Your Clan Type: We have both sides of the force in our clan. We have jedi vs. Sith meetings and we like to have fun. We keep in organised enough so we can have fun but we all have our little rivalries. We are mostly saber type but we do practices for guns. Every once and a while we'll use guns, but we do like seige so there will be guns and demo's in there. Your Clan's History: We have been running for a week. Jango(me) and Cyrick are the leaders. We like to be based around sabers however we do have guns in here. We are into duels alot and we like both sides of the force. if you are a jedi, we do alow you to use darkside powers. and other way around. We're prety easygoing. you have to go through some duels to get in but after that your home free. be active and we'll promote you Your Rank System: start off as a padawan or an aprentice. the ranks for jedi side are as follows from lowest to highest. Padawan(P), Jedi(J), Jedi knight(JK), Jedi Master(JM), Proven Killer Jedi(PKJ), Master Killer(MK). The sith sides from lowest to highest are as follows. Aprentice(A), Sith(S), Sith Knight(SK), Sith Lord(SL), Proven Killer Sith(PKS), Master Killer(MK) After that on both sides you can become a trainer or a subclan leader(assasins, pilots, bounty hunters) If you wish to join then PLEASE either look for our server and if you can't find it then contact me at [email][/email] and we can arrange a place where we can test you.