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#1 13 years ago

Hey :) So our clan looks for members, the clan is called Legacy. Its a new and fresh clan =) So heres a list of imformation. --General info-- Clan Name: Legacy. Members: About 15. Country: International. Ranks: We don't have them. Only Trial, Member, Co-Leader and Leader. --Gameserver info-- Server: Yes we have one, 32 slots :) Server IP: Server Mod: JA+ 2.4 Beta 3 (JA+ Mod for Jedi Knight Academy by Slider) Server Name: €€€€€€€^0Legacy^7-^0[^7hosted by thegameworld.nl^0] Server Location: Netherlands. --Extra info-- Homepage: (Will be on in a few days) http://www.legacy.swivvet.com Skill: We prefer skilled players, and not the beginners :) . See ya all on our server :) Tx606, Leader.