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26th January 2009

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#1 10 years ago

Hello. My name is KnightFire, and I am the founder and leader of Legacy of Chaos.

Clan Website: legacyofchaos.tk

Server Status: We currently do not have our own server. However, we are in the process of setting one up, and we will have one soon.

Member Count: Here in Legacy of Chaos, we may not have many members right now, but we will grow, fast. Right now, we have a few members with a Lot of experience with leading/running a clan and JKA in general.

Type of JK3 Clan: Our clan is skill-based, but also not skill-based. When we determine that you are ready for a promotion, you will duel another clan member above you in rank, and must win at least 2/5 duels. But, we must first consider you ready for the promotion before you start dueling.

Clan History: Well, I've been in quite a few clans, and I've always felt I could do a better job at leading a clan than many of my former leaders, so I decided to start my own clan. We started off with 3 members, but are very optimistic when it comes to more members joining.

Ranks: Evaluate - E, Page - P, Knight - K, Legacy Knight - LK, Guardian - G, Legacy Guardian - LG, Council Member - CM

Allies/Enemies: Currently, we do not have any clans listed as enemies, and we want to keep it that way. We have a nice community of people in our clan, and we are always willing to extend a hand to another clan if they wish to form an alliance with us.

We really hope you decide to join our clan! To join, please register on our forums from the website listed above, and complete your application.

Thank you very much for your time.