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[COLOR=SandyBrown][COLOR=Sienna]The Treaty of Coruscant has been signed, purging a war that has plagued civilization for twenty-eight years. Under the pressure of economic turmoil, the Galactic Republic reluctantly agreed to the ceasefire. Their desperation led to disaster.

Sith forces snuck to the world of Coruscant. In hours, the world was controlled by the Sith Empire, the Jedi Temple was destroyed and negotiations on Alderaan became a ransom. Alternatives expired, the Republic caved to pressure and agreed the Treaty. So began the Cold War.

The Galaxy, however, is ever shifting. You are a part of its scheme. Whether you scrounge for earnings in the wastelands of Ord Mantell, battle for peace as an aspiring young Republic diplomat, or struggle to impress the Sith Council as its newest recruit, you will find the Galaxy is as expansive and energetic as you make it. Imagination is your limit. May the Force be with you.[/COLOR] [/COLOR] _____________________________________________________________________________________

Legacy Role Play is announcing its rekindled spirit in Jedi Academy. As the premier Role Playing server in the game, hosting its very own mod of the game and a strong, welcoming community, Legacy RP would like to invite you to partake in our restart near the SW:TOR era.

You can browse Legacy Roleplaying Community - Index for more information. Register on our forums to begin your journey.

Downloads are available on our website through the innovative "Wuala" program. Anything and everything you could need in one, easy-to-access place. We are a constantly evolving community and do our best to keep it up-to-date.

Do not delay, the Galaxy awaits.