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#1 15 years ago

I was in a clan but then they moved servers and didn't give me the new one. Race: Zabrak Gender: Female Affiliation: None Class: Jedi/Bounty Hunter I'll join any clan except sith, I would prefer a Bounty Hunter Clan but I know they are hard to find.



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24th October 2004

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#2 15 years ago

Hi im Undisputed from teh IW Immortal Warriors clan. Im not sure wat a bounty hunter clan is but, we do have clan macthes every weekend and we try to have them on weekdays also, in about a 1 week span we have about say....... 3-4 clan matches, our clan match record overall is [color=red]15-1 [/color][color=black](15 wins and 1 loss)[/color]. We have 2 servers one FFA and one Duel. Our duel server IP sumtimes changes but our FFA server IP is [color=red] [/color][color=black]check us out. We dont have many members right now, we only got bout 15 members. our website is www.immortalwarriors.org check us out.[/color]