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#1 13 years ago

Hey.I am looking for a clan that... -Is active -Does clan battles -Has a decent amount of members


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#2 13 years ago

Hi, You might want to try Rogue. We are very active and we have quite a lot amount of members. We do have clan battles every now and then. Our server IP is Hope you check it out and like it.


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12th November 2006

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#3 13 years ago

JEDI :: Jedi Elite Duelist International Welcome to clan JEDI. We are a JEDI Academy clan that has been functioning for one and a half years. We are comprised of two divisions. One we call JEDI community and is for those new to JA or those looking to learn or just hang out while making some new friends. Our other division is called Team unReal and is there for those who are looking to take part in matches and the competetive side of JA. We use base servers for tffas. We've recently boosted activity and recruitment and are currently looking into expanding our horizons. As said above, JEDI has two basic branches; the learning side, and the TFFA side (basically). We look into having genuine fun through FFA and general hanging out, though we always appreciate a friendly TFFA. The learning side of JEDI is complete with ranks with a Light Side. Recruits decide which side they would like to undertake and begin training with a Master, while Instructors and such give out classes weekly. Feel free to pass by our new site and forums over at Welcome to Clan JEDI Our Jedi Academy servers are always open for those who wish to visit. The IPs for the servers is ( [JEDI] Community Server ), ( Team)(unReal (JEDI's TFFA Team)), ( JEDI Euro TFFA ). Feel free to post here or at our forums. You may contact me over Xfire too. add own3dbykronos and I will respond. Looking forward to meeting new faces, and good luck.