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15th January 2008

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#1 11 years ago

Hi im looking for a rp clan. I have been to a couple on the game where they have some pretty strict rp going on. One in particular wouldn't let me roleplay on the server unless I logged to their site and made a character and it had to be accepted. Now I am not that kind of person

Im looking for a clan that has a good rp community but its not as strict. I am a loose rp kind of person. I like the spur of the moment rp as much as the story ones. I like the rp that allows a random person to walk into a situation and they can be a part of it rather then be well known to everyone. I feel that makes better rp.

I would say I am a long time roleplayer. I played Star wars galaxies for 5 years and for 2 of those years I was on the server Starsider the unoffical roleplaying server. The era doesnt really matter to me as long as its not to extreme and confusing. I am use to the time between the 4th movie and the 5th but swg (star wars galaxies) game play really is kind of off the charts. So before the movie is fine.

I know a lot about different races like mandalorian, wookiee and zabrak so i can get into that.

I also like not roleplaying at time so if it goes off that fine and fun. Sometimes the best times on servers is the OOC momments (out of character). SO thank you for reading and have a happy holidays.


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17th June 2009

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#2 11 years ago

I think you're in luck, my friend! I'm a co-leader of a japlus clan called TFJ. We have an FFA server, but alot of times we like to do those "spur of the moment" rp's. I'd say we do at least one a week. If you're interested, add me on xfire: cwt624, or message me with MSN/email me at [EMAIL="cwt624@live.com"]cwt624@live.com[/EMAIL].


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15th May 2008

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#3 11 years ago

hello, we are a non-SW rp community, feel free to visit us at DuskOfWorlds.Tk