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28th March 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hi im looking to join a jka clan im 14 years of age been playing JKA since released (also play jk2 experienced 2 years) looking for a ACTIVE CLAN meduim/High skilz with saber saber type i use is SINGLE SABER looking for a clan which has clan scrims ( matches ) intrested? tlk to me on msn or post HERE [email="Bye3701@hotmail.com"]Bye3701@hotmail.com[/email] :deal:


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#2 14 years ago

My name is Chimaera, and I am the leader of a new clan named =-SM-= (Sith Marauders). This clan is fairly new, but the people who are being admitted are veterans from 4 to 5 of my previous clans. My other clan was shut down due to inactivity of the members, so we are starting from scratch. I fully realize that you are in a search for an Active Clan, but I should think it would be good enough as long as the members in said clan are active. I am not interested in recuits who have no previous experiance, and look forward to seeing new recruits and experianced members in action during clan scrimmages. We have many direct links to other clans, who are each willing to participate in tournaments and such. The leaders of this clan are, as I stated earlier on, skilled veterans from Jedi Outcast, and the beginning of Jedi Academy. We are offering a high ranking position, and are willing to give you a second-in-command ranking of Marauder. If you are interested, please re-post here, or email me at [email]stealthisthekey@hotmail.com[/email]

Hope to hear from you soon Steve ~AlphaChimaera



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24th October 2004

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#3 14 years ago

hi im -|AoC|-Undisputed Dark side Leader in AoC we are lookin for ppl to join heres some info to lur u in :deal:

We have over 40 members we have 3 alliances: RR, [Jawa], and FoC (a possible 2 more USA,NSA) there are three leaders, Me(darkside), Brandon(lightside), macloidgirl(Neutral) we have one server up at the moment but we will be having 2 in the next week or so. We also have scrims or matches every weekend to join go to www.freewebs.com/armyofchaosaoc/ then wen ur there go into forums(register there), then look for the applications to join section in the forums I hope to see u join.



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2nd September 2004

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#4 14 years ago

If you are still looking for a clan after the above responses.... Consider joining Terra Guard Gaming Clan My name is }CL{DaemonC}TG{ and I started this clan in November of 2003 as a multi-gaming clan. We currently are doing Jedi Academy. We are expanding to CS: Source in Jan. 2005 and will also expand to SW: Republic Commando when it is released. My clan is made up of approximately 30+ members, 20 of which are active. Judging from your experience as a JK2 veteran and a JK3 veteran, I am sure I and a few other leaders can take your skill to the next level and beyond. We will train you in the use of both staff and dual sabers, not to mention expanding your tactics and honing your single skills. We are a very honorable and skilled clan (no laming, attacking unarmed, etc.), with good leadership, and ambition to become the best we can be. If you are interested in learning more, meeting players, playing with our clan.... Visit our server: IP: Name: ......................TG Our website is: www.terraguard.net Or you can email me: [email="admin@terraguard.net"]admin@terraguard.net[/email] or [email="capallenmarch@yahoo.com"]capallenmarch@yahoo.com[/email] (in case primary email fails) or JL (Jedi Leader) Taoh: [email="taoh@terraguard.net"]taoh@terraguard.net[/email] or SL (Sith Leader) Fett: [email="fett@terraguard.net"]fett@terraguard.net[/email] In most cases I will be reachable and you should get a reply within 1-2 days. A quicker way is to register on our forums and post an application...response time for forums in < 1 day. Hope to see you around.