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#1 14 years ago

[COLOR=Teal]Clan Info:

[/COLOR]Your Name: Mü§ë. (Leader)

Your Clan's Name: /<ñïght» Clan

Your Clan's Tags: /<ñïght[rank]Name.

Your Website/Forums: http://knightclan.co.nr - Currently updating down for the moment.

Your Server:

[COLOR=DimGray]Server Info: [/COLOR][COLOR=SeaGreen]Saber up = Legal Kill[/COLOR], [COLOR=Blue]Force Enabled[/COLOR]. Force skills are not required, force is there for the force users and completely optional.

[COLOR=DimGray]Clan Info: [/COLOR]Honor based clan, not really a typical sith/jedi theme, though. We are firm believers that loyalty and skill are the essential elements to progressing through our trials and tribulations. We play basic maps like mp/ffa3 (Tatooine) and mp/ffa5 (Taspir). But we also play special maps. We're currently in progress of getting another server. Thanks, and if you're interested please add me to xfire at [COLOR=Red]xmusex[COLOR=Black] . [/COLOR][/COLOR]