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#1 13 years ago

Hey everyone, im mr.X from the Rush Clan. Here is some information you might want know about our clan.

Clan's Name - Rush, and it doesnt really have a meaning to it, its just..Rush lol

Clan's Forum - http://rush.xforcenetworks.com/index.php Note - PLEASE DONT POST JOIN REQUESTS AT OUR FORUM, YOU MUST GO TO THE SERVER TO join. =)

Clan's Server - IP - Runs on - JA+ Sabers only. No Laming.

Member Count - our member count is about 13 members total. skill ranging from skilled (with sabers) to beginner(with sabers).

Clan Type - We are a FFA and TFFA clan.

Clan's History - Well to tell you the truth, Rush has always been here in the JA community for quite awhile, just never really got anywhere. Now we're trying to get a good active server and active clan going, to help beginners and just regular skilled gamers get better at the game they love to play, JA. But Skilled gamers are always more than welcomed to join lol.

Rank System - Its Initiate - Beginner Zealot - Sorta like a padawan Knight - Decent Skilled Master - Skilled Council - well its the Council of Rush lol

Enemies/Allies - We have no allies or enemies at the moment =) but we would love to meet some other clans to gain good relations, and maybe start an alliance.

If you have any question please contact me. xfire - doruunpaul

and also please note that anyone is welcomed to join, when you come to the server, just ask. our leader will trial you to see which rank fits you best.

Thank you for your time, I hope what I have written here interests you enough to join <{Rush} > =)