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#1 13 years ago

Metal Gear Solid Second Side RPG

MGSSS is an RPG server, just started. I am, at the minute, the only member. However, since it WAS just started, that's nothing.

As of now, I do not have a forum. I would like for anyone willing and able to help me with this.

The MGSSS Basics As of the name Second Side, this server will be using particular characters such as the mains from all of the MGS saga. However, it will be based around newer, custom characters no one has ever heard of. This contains several different groups, such as

FOXHOUND FOXHOUND has recently discovered that a new group of terrorists have been in production of a new Metal Gear, only known as Enzo. They are forming new squads and Black Ops agents to bring them down.

The Verdana Verdana is a group of terrorists, known recently to the higher-ups of the continents. This group of terrorists have found a way to create Enzo, but the idea has not been completely upheld yet. They will stop at nothing to get what they want.

The Patriots The Patriots are a group of unknown members of society, controlling the entire free world to their will. Verdana has recently become a thorn in their side.

Philanthropy This Anti-Metal Gear Association has been created by the likes of Solid Snake, Roy Campbell, and Otacon. At the minute, they have one new soldier, being trained by Solid Snake himself.

________________________ The Characters All characters created will be in a biography section in the new forum. However, the new soldier for Philanthropy will be much of a new 'Main', not created by Kojima or anyone. This man's name is

Azure Hawk Azure Hawk is a black ops newbie, being trained in recent VR technology by Solid Snake. His nanomachines allow him to feel all effects of VR training, and he and Snake have gone through several different missions. He looks a bit like Raiden as well, which might have led Snake to recruit him.


This entire storyline is based between Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4. 3 was a prequel. If you have any questions, Xfire me at Denariax. Or email me at [email][/email]


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#2 13 years ago

i guess that i will join your rpg.

name:Chakoval Strolenski Age:14 (Child Soldier Militia) Recruited into the ocelot squad equipment: silenced AK47(150S)5clips with30 shots each spetznaz scout knife with secret bullet Camo:ocelot unit other:russian army jeep:0wned:


I didn't make it!

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#3 12 years ago

I'll join Name: Severio Costa Age: 29 Recruited into the Italian army after lying about his age.Served 4 years fighting terrorists and aiding the Somalian government in the recent Somalian Civil War(2006-Present).Then became part of the Italian special operations unit, the Bersaglieri,when he was 20. He came to America after transport ship sank off the coast of Mexico when he was 27. Equipment: Silenced Beretta M92, 5 clips, 12 bullets each Survival knife Camo: desert, Urban Other: several belongings from his army days. Known to be emotionally detached because of seeing death and violence since he was 16. Note: I wrote the dates accordingly considring the MGS games took place in the near future. The Somalian civil war dates are factual to the more recent Somalian Civil War.