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#1 16 years ago

Hi, i'm DizzzyDoo. I want to start a clan up with someone. If you are now interested you'll probably have to fit these criteria; you have to be able to start up a server. Thats it. I have had plenty of experience creating websites and forums and can (though not very well) make skins and maps but i can't start up a server. Also you have to have MSN and be in the UK so we can chat about the clan and get the stuff sorted; like what the clan's name will be... Stuff like that. Finally, don't say 'Yeah okay i can help you here' unless you can and won't just quit out of it after 2 days. My E-Mail is [email=""][/email]. E-mail me, reply to this thread or send me a PM if you would like to help. Thanks for reading!!! :) DizzzyDoo