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#1 8 years ago

Greetings everyone.

|NGO| (Otherwise known as The New Galactic Order) is looking for fun loving JKA fans interested in an Rp Based Jedi clan, the time frame is set after the era of Grandmaster Luke Skywalker and our home set map is The Jedi Temple GCX 2010 Version 2, a incredibly well done map for jedi in my personal opinion.

The Jedi Archive - The New Galactic Order

The URL above is our clan forum and all are welcome to look and see if something like NGO might interest them, and if so we will happily welcome you to our Roleplaying community.

Our roleplays consist obviously of jedi training though also include various "missions" out to other star wars planets such as mustafa or tatooine for example, all padawans are appointed Masters and everyone is encouraged to have fun and learn or improve in the game if they wish it.

Once again, feel free to take a look and for those who highly dislike drama, know that we are drama free :).

You may also find us on our JKA server, here:

Thank you for your time and we hope all of you who join shall find enjoyment within our clan.


I didn't make it!

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#2 8 years ago

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZIUHnipQs8 |NGO| - Official Trailer

Hey guys,

We're still going strong and welcoming any fellow Role playing fans or any you seek to learn and wish to find a comfortable place to do so. Our Forum has changed a bit since the last time I posted and so too has the main map we're using as a temple scenario, instead of The GCX map, we've moved on to Rift_RP for now as our setting seems to have taken us there for the time being.

Once again, I encourage anyone to seek us out if this comes of interest to you, should you wish to speak to the leader/high council member of the Order, Drasli Khaar is available to PM on the forums.

Thanks, Cillian Braedon