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28th October 2004

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#1 15 years ago

Greetings all. Padraeic from the (NJO) here. Are you tired of clans that leave you feeling empty? Like you havent done anything? No friends truly made? Or you want more of a challenge? To feel like more a part of the clan. NJO is the clan for you. A clan of equals, all decisions are made by all members of the clan. WE are currently recruiting. Skill is not a factor, as you are judged on your interaction with the clan itself. that is not to say we dont have some skilled players. I personally feel we have one or two of the best players around. Anyhow stop by our server at http://www.new-jediorder.com . You will find , while we arent the largest or most game active clan out there, we are very tight nit, and a good environment. Our structure, guidlines, and server information can be found at the above address. *Bows respectfully*