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12th February 2003

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#1 12 years ago

Hey there, I'm Crimson, a Consular (recruiter and diplomat) of NJO. NJO is a well established clan that has been around for a few years. Our members are very friendly, mature and play the game for the sake of playing the game. We do role play, and even have a section in our forums for all things creative, be it maps, skins, stories, or just an interesting website that someone might want to share. We have five classes. There's the Architect, our modders who work on mapping, skinning, and maintaining the website and forums, the Archivist, who keep track of clan history, as well as the history of the Star Wars universe, the Guardian, the expert gamers of the clan, whose saber skills are unmatched, the Healer, who helps resolve issues, or can be there for support when a clan member needs it, and the Consular, the recruiters and diplomats who work to create alliances with other clans. Initiates are trained by Jedi who are highly skilled in their fields, and the Initiate may choose to join any class he or she wishes. If you have any questions, or wish to join, feel free to stop by our website, The New Jedi Order , or e-mail me, at [email]mightymidget14@hotmail.com[/email] . We welcome all new comers, and I look forward to meeting you in the future.