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#1 7 years ago

Your Name: Ialon - Founder Your Clan's Name: No Lame RP Your Website/Forums: Your Server: A 32 person server running the latest FM3 Classic mod with the expansion Your Clan Type: Not much of a clan, just a community for Role Playing Your Rank System: Ranking all depends on what you want to role play

Hey, I just wanted to stop by to put an add out there for a new server.

Its ran on the new FM3 Classic mod.

We are an RP server of course as you can see, and we dont require registration of any sort, heck we dont even care if you visit the forums. Just come in and have fun. And if your not much an RP'er just stop by and say hi, and check out the mod.

My xfire is bentow131 and my buddies valor2 - we are the only 2 admins of the server and the public forum is HERE

Anyways, Thanks for reading this :nodding: and hope to see some of you on the server!