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#1 13 years ago

Name: MonKee (Council) Clan's Name: Old Farts Clan Website: www.oldfartsclan.org Forums: -=oFc=- [Old Farts Clan]: Forum

Server: [COLOR=white][COLOR=DimGray]€€€€€€€-=oFc=-[/COLOR][COLOR=red]Re[COLOR=white][COLOR=DimGray]cruit[/COLOR][COLOR=blue]ing[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] JA+ Mod server. FFA.

Your Member Count: 14 and growing. Clan Type: We are a JA+ Mod clan who likes to FFA and duel. We are looking for like minded gamers.

Clan's History: Formerly admining the -=*BBA*=- server in our formative days, we now hold our own server at Our Jedi tags are an homage to BBA; without the aid of Griffin, oFc may never have seen the light of day. Rank System: For Ranks we have a total of 6 different levels, and ranking up is decided by Council alone, and is given to the appropriate candidate.

Allies: <|GOD|> Clan, -[JB]- Jedi with Bats