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3rd March 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Hey all Order of Arcana was made like 8 months ago, we've done alot of plannings and we had some problems with another clan. Been fighting alot, but now its peace between us. But anyway lets get to the point, if your a good guy, not screaming, complaining on others and do have some patient your the guy for our clan. We do have a website at: http://www.arcanaorder.tk/ and i think it should be updated.. :rolleyes: You'll find our forum at: http://s11.invisionfree.com/OrderofArcana And if your wondering if we do have a server. Yes we do, but its down at the moment but will probably be up and working this week. Reason is error messages. But our server owner will fix it, he's great at consoles. If your wondering about something else like rules you'll find them in the Forum. And you can also contact the admin or the Elders. Hope your interested :) /Ani - Y