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#1 12 years ago

Greetings Everyone I am Aya Solari High Councilor and Ambassador from OotR. Clan name : Order Of The Republic Clan Tag : [OotR] Website: Order of the Republic - Main Server : 29070 Ranking system : Lord Master Knight Apprentice Student Initiate - Ranks are shown on the server with diffrent tag colors eg. Knight = blue. Interesting Info: OotR is unique as it has 3 councils insted of one, Each playing an important part in the organisation and running of the order. OotR is nearing the 1 year b-day mark in august ^^ We are also hosting a weekly seige/CTF night, Fridays 10 pm GMT till 12 pm GMT possibly later. We can also give tips on signature making/website creation and JKA map making. We have some very talented members who like to share there knowlege and skills. Allies : Renegade {RGD} (JAWA) =AC= .:UAF:. Knights Of Honor OotR is all about having fun and making friends, we also understand Real Life comes before clanlife and the game. Entrance into Order of the Republic has no bearing on your skills with a saber but your attitude. You can read about this on our website and forums. Aya Solari

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#2 12 years ago

Hi there. I Am also from the Order of the Repbublic and just wanted to give a reminder that when you register on our forms to please post in our validators posting section within 48 hours or we remove you due to the fact that we have spam bots that come through so to nip them we have it admin validation for registration :) Hoping to see some more people come by and say hello :)

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#3 12 years ago

I just registered under the name Da Stealth.I hope to see you guys real soon.