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#1 11 years ago

Your Name: Cheshyr Pontchartrain

Your Clan's Name: Phoenix Fighters

Your Website/Forums: http://pf.hostoi.com/

Your Server: cyberjunk.org:29070 32 Slots FFA (Somtimes TFFA)

Your Member Count: The clan is only a couple days old so we only have 3 currently, Me, DannSnake and Hawwk.

Your Clan Type: We're a FFA Clan, and hope to get some good players to teach any who wish to learn.

Your Clan's History: Nothing highly interesting really, I only joined JKA 4 days ago after a 6 month break and got back with DannSnake and we desided to make this clan.

Your Rank System: Phoenix Trail = |PF|Name|PT| Phoenix Padawan = |PF|Name|PP| Phoenix Adept = |PF|Name|PA| Phoenix Trainer = |PF|Name*PT Phoenix Knight = |PF|Name*PK Phoenix Master = |PF|Name*PM Phoenix Council = |PF|Name*PC Phoenix High Council = |PF|Name|PHC|

Your Allies and Enemies: No Allies and we do not want to make enemies, we wish to have only friendly members and hope all will have fun! Many Thanks, Cheshyr Pontchartrain.