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#1 12 years ago

Ok, To start off, I'm =PLA=Morbid(JK Division Leader in =PLA=) and we are a new division in =PLA=(Players Liberation Army) and we are looking to expand. We currently have a dueling server up but we should have two more by the end of next week. We are a bunch of people that split off from a really big clan called AOD(Who have servers in almost every game imaginable lol) So far we only have a few members in the JK division but we should be able to get it up and running soon . We do have a few requirements and those are:

-Everyone that wants to join must sign up for the forums. -Have ventrilo -Have Xfire

If anyone is interested, You can usually find me on Xfire (toastyspaz) and I'm almost always on I hope to see some new people soon

Also - We currently have 4 divisions, Which are: -America's Army -BattleField 2142 -Jedi Knight -World Of Warcraft