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Good day.My name is Thotu Leps, Master Healer in the Knights of Light.Times are harsh for us... we wait on the brink of an attack by Voth's Dark Order. It is essensial that we recruit as many Jedi as we can, so thus we are willing to take on anybody to come to us.We are strongly RP and set in the year 11ABYYou are most welcome, and we try to present our members with the best experience, whether they enjoy fighting, or passive Role-Play. Missions are organised as frequently as possible. You can enter the Academy at any Rank up to Jedi. (Trusting you have a good story to back that up)((For those who may not know, 11ABY is 11 years after the destruction of the first Death Star. In KoL, the Empire is dead, although there are a few remnants. Set on te other side of the galaxy to Luke's academy, we try not to interfere with the Real Storyline in any way))