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#1 11 years ago

No clue if anyone noticed the thread a while back. But the server has been down for quite some time. Now we have gone 24/7 with a... relative reliable host(we did have a few crashes, and one situation where it banned 2 and kicked 6). Everything seems to be in order. Just for anyone new:

Rpg Gamers is one of the oldest JKA RP Servers. As far as i remember, it was there in the beginning under the name Mike's JKA RPG Server. Its been through alot of names, and most of the members are regulars, who's on the server whenever possible. Theres always atleast 1 Admin on.

Currently we're running Open Jedi Project Enhanced V1.2. Not alot of people play it, so this is the only way to both help OJP, and the server to get more fans/members. Hope to see you on!

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