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Lithium Gaming


[COLOR=DarkRed] Lithium Gaming: A Roleplaying Community for the more laid back people. [COLOR=Black]Lithium Gaming Is a brand new Roleplaying community brought to life of by a few veteran JKA Roleplayers. We play within a Pre-Kotor Era storyline and do our best in providing a stable and updated server, aswell as a good forum to keep tracks of things.

Characters are handed out by a case-by-case basis, although we are not too restrictive. We consider the wave of 'Elitary' behavior from some Roleplayers around JKA utterly ridiculous and try to make it a place where everyone, or atleast the majority can enjoy their time at. Veterans aswell as newcomers are gladly welcome.

If there are questions, or Incase you are interested in joining and want to get to know the people behind it and other such things, my msn address is : [email]therock_nkz@hotmail.com[/email]