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Hello everyone, I'm here to advertise for the last bits and pieces of JKA Roleplaying. Although we don't refer to ourselves as a clan, I can assure you we fall under the likes of one (in other words, please don't ban me Mr. Filefront mods!) Your Name: Pyro, I rent the server, organize plots, set up the forum, and am refered to as "Head Admin." Your Clan's Name: RPG Virtue, the RPG indicating that we are, infact, a roleplaying clan/community. Your Website/Forums: Rpg Virtue Your Server: You can typically find a minimum of 3 players a day, so the activity is a bit layed back, however we're looking into expanding/advertising (hence why I'm here) There are rules posted on the forum, but ultimately, we're just a bunch of layed back people who enjoy roleplaying. Thing's are pretty loose in terms of the way we enforce rules, as our admins are pretty understanding. Your Member Count: 33 registered on our forum Your Clan Type: RPG Your Clan's History: Theres not much to the history of virtue, I found myself wanting some decent roleplaying, a place where I could go, have fun, and not deal with this mushy gushy crap that you find on many other RP servers. Admitted, we arent perfect (yet, I'm still purging :P) but I think it's safe to say we've got a good idea. Not being able to find a server without this E-Drama, I found the solution: make one! Your Rank System: Members, moderators, and admins. Simple as that. Your Allies and Enemies: I've actually found myself inviting previous enemies to the community, I'm attempting to break down walls with a relaxed server, and I feel I've done a good job (with the acception of a stubborn few who just cant get over their e-hate.) Oh, and just to clarify: We run on the JA+ mod, and most likely always will. We don't mind if you're in any other clans, nor do we mind if you go to any other RPG communities. We firmly believe you have that right (even though some current servers don't) and we'll accept you regardless of who you are.