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28th June 2006

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#1 12 years ago

As the new year came, i remade the Sith Academy. With fresh new forces and powerfull new council members i am reopening it. The members list was wiped so we dont have so many,there are left only the strong members .

Our Site : Demon's Wing - Main page ( you find everything about Sith Academy there )

Our Server : ( 24/7 hosted running on ffa_souless for high FPS )

We are a Saber Duel based clan (no force ), but when we get bored we do some RP and also in 2-3 days im going to make a Clan Frag Movie.

Even if the rules look so serious we want to have fun ( when we are not training ,cause thats the hard part ) .

Edit: Also we are looking for a skilled new ally .